vive l'acadie libre

vive l'acadie libre
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I read like two or three books a week, so I don't usually recommend something any further then listing it on my site, but occasionally I read something really good, so here it is:

A Great and Noble Scheme by John Mack Faragher

This is an excellent academic history of the expulsion of the Acadians from l'acadie/Nova Scotia during the Seven-Years-War. Highly recommended for anyone interested in Canadian, New England or Colonial History or the Studies of Ethnic Cleansing.

For those who don't know, the Acadians were French speaking Catholics who lived on the Bay of Fundy in what is now New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine. They colonized about 10 years before Plymouth and were mixed pretty extensively with the Mikmaq Indians, which made them very different from the Canadiens in Quebec. Eventually they were removed from Acadia by the British and became the ancestors of the Cajun people in Louisiana.

There are now a pretty good sized group of them back in the Maritimes and they are a very vibrant and interesting minority group. I took this picture of a barn painted with the Acadian flag on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

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