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...sometimes I really like movies that I know aren't very good and then I complain about them to my cool friends who I know would never like them. Matrix II and Matrix III would be good examples, along with all of the movies in the newest Star Wars Trilogy. I know they're cheesy and the dialogue was terrible, but I like them. So there.

I was a bit worried that V for Vendetta was going to fall into that category, but it was awesome, so I'm not even ashamed. Great cinematography, good acting and (mostly good) writing. I already know that there are a lot of people who will really dislike this movie just on ideological grounds, but I think that's really unfair. Like 1984, Brave New World or any other dystopian literature, I think it's actually got a lot of interesting little pieces of different authoritarian regimes mixed in. One of the interesting parts for me was actually picking out the little pieces of history from different parts of the world, not to mention little pieces of both past literary dystopias (1984, Brave New World) but also past films like Metropolis. I think I may see it again in the theatre just to try and watch more carefully.

So, here is to our (relatively) independent judiciary, independent universities, (mostly) rule of law, and the ability to choose between our favorite rich white guy every four years.

Anyways, I'm interested to hear what other people think.


Anna 12:10 PM  

Some time when I'm not writing another 19 pages for Harvard or worrying about my grandma going into surgery, I'm going to go. I really want to see it. And you know I love all the Star Wars movies. I'm a total nerd. All the way.

Chris Dugan 2:14 AM  

I'm totally with you on the Star Wars prequels. All the movies have pretty dopey dialogue (scruffy looking nerfherders??). And I actually thought Ep3 had overall the best acting in the saga and even the romance had sort of a sacchrine, really old fashioned fairy tale quality too it (which I guess most people read as "cheezy"). But let's not all read too much into that, it's a space opera after all. Plus nobody goes to SW for acting we go for wookies and lightsabers don't we?

It's weird that one of the few things you and can agree on anymore is Star Wars movies. :-)

✙ patron saint of ulster ✙ 3:30 PM  

I agree with you totally on the last 2 matrix movies. unfortunately i will NEVER get past the new star wars movies- blah blah YUCK. i'm really excited to see v for vendetta. i'm already planning on liking it. even though natalie portman is a total idiot. despite rolling stones or someone saying she got good after closer. did you see closer? she's shit. it's shit. blah.

✙ patron saint of ulster ✙ 3:32 PM  

YEAH BUT the nu star wars suck at wookies and light sabers too. i don't remember being impressed by either. maybe if all three movies had been scenes of those carribean fighter wookies. that's hardly memorable though. frankly i don't even know why i'm writing sentences about those craptastic movies. don't hate.

onetenchelsea 9:32 PM  

i liked closer. I found it interesting how it managed to be a film by feel like a play at the same time. I think i own it.

i like portman too. from her interviews (and her harvard degree) she seems very inteligent. Her and Claire Danes.

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