it rained on my parade

Woke up at 6 to open the store at 7. The blue line was already packed at maverick (6:40 on a saturday.) I noticed the homeless people weren't sleeping in there normal spots. I hope the police at least gave them a meal instead of just shooing them away. We closed the bathrooms right away. A guy said it was a conspiracy. Yep, a not having to clean nasty bathrooms conspiracy. It started drizzling at about 10. I worked till 3.

Has anyone thought about what Boston is going to do without the curse? Now we're just like the Chicago Cubs...an old team that looses important games a lot.

I saw Birth last night. It goes into the category of really good films that I didn't really like. Nicole Kidman was fantastic (oscar, probably) and the little kid was good, too, but the whole thing was really creapy. If it had been an adult man and a little girl there is no way anyone would have ever made the movie. I guess it was better with a young boy because he seemed more in control of the relationship.

Ever hit the next blog button on the top of the screen? It's pretty interesting, although the second time I tried it I got a Polish guy writing about anal sex. (I know because they were the only two words on the screen with enough vowels.) Takes all types I guess. I wonder how many people we don't know read this? I wonder how many people I do know read this?



Be You

Well, it's official. I'm going to Boston University next semester. I'll be getting a Bacholar of Science in Urban Affairs which should set me up for a long life of creating zoning regulations and planning sewage systems. Actually, I'm excited. I'll be done in two years and then I'm looking at a Master of City Planning from McGill University in Montréal (even though they no longer have a baseball team.)

Speaking of which, the Twins should have retired Walter Johnson's number when they could. If the new Washington team ends up being the Senators, there is no way the Twins will be able to retire it.


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