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good movie, but it wouldn't have been my choice (or my guess for that matter). I really thought that the academy was a lot more likely to do either Brokeback Mountian or Munich.

My favorites this year were still The Constant Gardener and Goodnight and Goodluck.

John Stewart was good. and speaking of John Stewart, I've been watching dvd's of NewsRadio and he was on it playing Andy Dick's twin brother. That show is hilarious.

My other highlight from the night is when Jennifer Gardner almost tripped. Falling is funny.


John 2:24 AM  

The Interpreter was so much better than the Constant Gardener, which I thought took half the movie to finally get somewhere.

And I thought LA Crash was one of the best movies last year, so that made sense.

onetenchelsea 7:20 AM  

I liked the Interpreter too, but I thought it was a little too formulaic for an Oscar movie. I really thought Constant Gardener was better acted, directed and the film was beautiful besides.

Anna 9:25 AM  

Crash was really good. I still need to see the Constant Gardner. I saw the Interpreter right after taking a tour of the UN building in NY. Like an hour later. I competed with Sara and Jay for choosing Oscar winners after I got home from church, and even if you take out the three that she told me before I filled out my ballot, I still beat them. Oh, I'm so good. Remember when I kicked your guys butts last year???

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