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This is pretty interesting. It's a list of the 10 tallest buildings completed this year. They range from 1,093 feet down to 758 feet (for a frame of reference, the John Hancock building in Boston is 790 feet, the IDS in Mpls is 792 feet, the TV Tower in Berlin is 1,207 feet and the Allienz building in Treptow, otherwise known as the TrepTOWER, is, at 410 feet, the tallest occupied building in Berlin).

So anyways, there are a few interesting trends here. first, four of the buildings are residential, which is something we didn't see in tall buildings in the past.

Five of the buildings are in China! which says something about the incredible growth taking place there. Two are in Austrialia and one each is in Russia, the UAE and New York.

Another interesting thing to note is that only two of the ten are designed by the so-called "starchitects." The NYC buiding is Cesar Pelli and the one in Sydney is Norman Foster. I'm not really sure what that means. I suppose you could look at it as either the "starchitects" are being overshadowed by less famous eastern architects or maybe the "starchitect" thing has all been hype? Who knows?


Driver2165 10:58 AM  

i read an interesting article in the strib about this skyscraper built in saudi arabia or UAE that was designed by a small Minneapolis firm. the firm won the contract by winning a contest.

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