I love the holidays...

Boston, Massachusetts
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Spring Break, woo hoo!

and with baseball in the air. I watched part of the Korea/Taipai game yesterday. I'm loving the World Baseball Classic thing. I'm pulling for Venezuela. gotta root for the socialist homeboyz. Seriously though, I'd love to see a baseball version of the champion's league. I suppose it can't happen until the Latin American and Asian teams can pay as well as the American ones.

So anyways, I just finished off the last of my school work before break. I had to do a outline for my final paper in Environement, Technology and Society. I'm writting on Urban Agriculture. It's ended up a lot more interesting then I thought. I choose it after reading about a Latin American architect who was designing rooftop farming technology for barrios in Caracas. It turns out that it's alot more widespread and important then I would have thought (i've even been in contact with an urban farm in Dorchester), but Urban governments are only beginning to formulate policy about it. This is the longest paper that I've had to write (30 pages). I'm hoping it'll be good for applying for an internship that I'd like with UN-habitat.

I'm looking forward to being in Mpls next weekend. I checked weather channel and it looks like it'll be raining though. Like I don't get enough rain in Boston, right?


Brother James 8:02 PM  

Um, I can't help but point out that some of your "socialist homeboys" are making more money in a year that you or I will make in our entire lifetime...and then some! I don't think any of the venezuelan starting rotation can be considered "socilist" by any means.

onetenchelsea 8:51 PM  

but it still means something to the masses... more then it would mean to us if the US wins.

Besides which, socialism isn't about equality of outcome, it's about equality of input. As such, achieving vast sums of wealth is only immoral in so much as it has been achieved through the oppression of others. Professional sports players produce the wealth that they receive, and unless you count high ticket prices as oppression of the masses (which I don't, considering it's a choice to participate) their wealth is deserved. Sports club owners asking for public subsidies to build stadiums on the other hand...

and homeboyz is spelled with a z... yeah it is.

jsj 1:13 AM  

I might also point out that almost all of the latin countries have better teams than the USA... The dominicans and the cubans are the stuff... your socialist homboyz also tend to kidnap the players when they go home. Last year one of them had some relatives (including his mom i think) taken captive for a ransom... all that oil profit must not be trickling down...

Heather B 7:50 PM  

If you have any links from your reading up on urban agriculture, I'd love to see them. I'm a believer in encouraging cities to have agricultural roots. So to speak.

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