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Zipcar is in Minneapolis Now!!!

They are only at the U of M campuses right now, but I highly recommend this company for all your driving needs. For those who only use public transit (or would like to only use public transit), it's a great way to get a cheap car for a short period of time. It's $8 an hour or $60 a day (including gas and insurance).



Anna 9:17 PM  

Yeah, I was meaning to say something about that a few months ago. I've actually seen a car, but so far they really aren't in any convenient spots to me.

Driver2165 10:50 PM  

too bad they got beaten to the punch by hourcar and that other one that doesn't have a catchy name.

is there a monthly/yearly fee?

Anna 12:04 PM  

yeah, it's 25 dollars a year. I'm still paying it, since then I don't have to pay the application fee. Mine was waved by my school then. some work places wave the fee too. Yours might Ryan, since encouraging public transportation seems to be a good thing for your job right? or not to hourly cars?
I lose my car at the end of April, so then zipcar might come in handy anyway, no matter where it is. That's when Doug is taking it back. I thought I was losing it this month, so the end of april is good for me.

onetenchelsea 3:17 PM  

I looked at hourcar. The locations are better, but they are more expensive, mostly because with Zipcar you get 120 miles free per day and with Hourcar all miles are like 65 cents or something. all of which doesn't really matter if the cars aren't usefull to you. Hourcar would have been great for where we were living in Loring Park. There are cars just a block away.

Anna 6:15 PM  

But zipcar is just cooler. and nostalgic. and you can go from city to city with the same account. And they interviewed me for the Somerville Paper and put me on the front page. Has Hourcar done that? I think not. I should try to get zipcar to interview me here. the tale of two zipcar cities. . .

Driver2165 11:18 PM  

yeah they force us to ride the bus (like when we report for duty 4 miles from where we return the bus at night), but it's free

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