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Boston, Massachusetts
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Just one more day of work and then I'm off for mpls. I can't wait to see everybody! Especially the new person. I'm also looking forward to walking around and taking some pictures and having some time to read. I picked up a few books yesterday for the airplane: a Graham Greene novel, a book of Frederick Law Olmsted's writings on American park systems and a travel narrative/political journalism book about Burma.

I talked to J yesterday. I guess she was briefly in the hospital last week with a bad fever. I felt so bad. It really sucks that something like that happened and I didn't know about it until a couple of days later. She's fine now. She's in the Mekong Delta this week. Next week she starts her homestay. She's going to be living with a Chinese-Vietnamese family, which I'm sure will be interesting. They speak Chinese at home, so it looks like she'll be learning two languages while she is living there.

Someone a couple of posts ago asked for info about urban agriculture. I don't have a ton of stuff yet, but you could certainly look at www.thefoodproject.org for an example. I'll try to post more later.

See many of you soon.


Jerry Plagge, Jr. 12:42 PM  

Does it bother you that your dad is working for the evil Home Depot?

I have seen him twice now and said "Hello" the first time.

onetenchelsea 12:18 AM  

yes, but i work for evil borders, so what can you do.

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