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Newport, Rhode Island
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I didn't write much this week, due mostly to a visit from my dad and the older of my younger brothers. We spent a few days in Boston doing the Freedom Trail, Fenway Park Tour, and generally walking through Cambridge and the Back Bay, among other things.

Fenway was super cool. I know it's sad, but it's the first time I've been in there. Unfortunately, it's usually cheaper to go New York for baseball then going to Fenway. But what an incredible place to watch a game. I only wish you could walk up on game day and pay $3 like you can at the Metrodome.

We also took a Zipcar down to Rhode Island one day. We visited Newport and toured a couple of the gilded-age palazzos of the super rich. It a really cool little city and the architecture is great. We drove a Prius. It was nice. We got about 48 miles a gallon overall and it didn't really drag when it was accelerating like I expected it to.

Other then that, I've mostly been doing work on that big paper on urban agriculture. My draft is due next week. I think it's coming along pretty well. My plan is to post some brief summaries here and see if I can get any good comments. We'll see.

J posted again on her blog and uploaded some more pictures. Just six weeks and I get to see my wife again. yeah! I can't wait. I've been starting to get ready for my trip. I bought a carnet de voyage for use there. It's been awhile since I've travelled without a laptop. My thought is that instead of retyping parts of my journal to blog I may just scan or photograph the pages and post them. That way you can get my drawings and maps too. Probably no one really cares, but I'll amuse me.


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