Boston, Massachusetts
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There have been way too few people posting on their blogs this week. I'm very disappointed people.

Spring came with a vengeance this week. It was 70 yesterday. Last night I walked down to the waterfront to take some pictures of the sunset behind the skyline, which didn't come out very well, unfortunately. The sky wasn't the pretty colours it is sometimes.

Anyways, I noticed really bright lights coming out of one of the abandoned warehouses on the waterfront. Turns out they were filming a movie. When we were living in Berlin we used to come across film sets a lot, but it was always TV shows like the German version of ER, "Krankenhaus Berlin-Mitte." This one looked like a mob sort of thing, so I was hoping it'd be something cool like the Sopranos, but I asked a cop and he said it was something called "The Way." I looked it up on imdb and this is the description, "An influential New England gang loses its mob boss and turns to witchcraft to handle its criminal enterprises." That's got to be a winner, right?

I watched the movie Paradise Now last night. It's amazing. Everyone should see it. I'm not going to say anything else, since I think it's probably one of those movies where the less you know the better, but see it.

Seven and Half weeks and I'll be on a plane to Asia! Woo Hoo!


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