And People Complain About Communist Bureaucracy...

I got my visa back today from the Vietnamese Embassy, despite the fact that this
scary passport photo
is the photo I sent in. Typically, I think of myself as a pretty nice guy, but for some reason I always come out of identification photos looking like an axe murderer.

Anyways. I can't believe how fast they got my passport back to me. I sent it FedEx and it was supposed to take it 4 business days to reach them, 5 days to process and then 4 business days to get back. I just sent it last Friday. That means somehow I got the whole process to take 4 business days.

I also got a package from J in Vietnam in the mail today. She sent me a set of Ho Chi Minh post cards (among other things) and I was sitting looking at them on the subway. When I got done I looked up and an Asian guy across from me was giving me weird looks.

I can't wait! Four weeks from Tomorrow!


Brother James 5:15 PM  

why did you send the embassy a photo of the guy from Iron & Wine? ;)

onetenchelsea 5:45 PM  

I've always thought that that was ryan. It's actually why I first bought the album.

Driver2165 8:52 PM  

that beard is badass

onetenchelsea 10:23 PM  

thanks... it's been the best part of having jessica gone. I'd trade if given the oppertunity though.

John 2:43 AM  

Holy crap you look older than the last time I saw you. And more dangerous, too.

bethany 2:32 PM  

i like the beard too, i didn't know you could grow something like that.

onetenchelsea 2:37 PM  

I grow beards in about 20 minutes if I leave it alone.

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