iSubway Maps.

Boston, Massachusetts
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Mikee C just sent me this link and i find it both amusing and useful.
iSubway Maps are tiny little subway maps that you can put on your iPod. Really a great idea. They've got Berlin, NYC, Boston, Hong Kong and more. Personally, I think i'm going to download them all so that I can pretend I actually need them.


Anna 10:08 AM  

I might just do that too. We all know how much I need subway maps in Minneapolis. but what if I get kidnapped by terrorists and I escape and I find out that I am in Berlin and I don't have time to look at the map on the wall and I just have to jump on a train. Then I will need my ipod to tell me where I am going. . . wait, aren't there maps on the trains??? um. well. . . maybe i'll be blind and I won't be able to see them. . . shoot. then I can't see the map on the ipod. And if I was a terrorist, I would just take my ipod from me in the first place. But they might not like my music. So maybe i'm safe.

bethany 2:50 PM  

i think we used something like that when we were in portland. ryan had the bus schedules on his phone.
it was really nice to have. but to have the entire map on your ipod is awesome.

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