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Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
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Has anyone ever noticed that if you go to the West Coast and then leave the US, you'll end up in BC no matter which way you go? Weird, huh?

I finished uploading all of my pictures from Tijuana. I'll try to finish up my pictures of LA over the weekend.

I had a test in Public Policy today. I think it went ok. I didn't study as much over the weekend as I would have liked to, but at some point you start to know material well enough that you can get by no matter what. I think it has more to do with tailoring your work to the professor you're with. In this case, she's pretty conservative compared to my own positions.

This dumb book just came out about the 101 "most dangerous" professors in the country. I actually know a couple of the people who made it in (one is in J's department at NEU and one of others was a thesis advisor for a lecturer I've had a class with). The whole thing is about as stupid as it can get. Almost everybody was either in International Affairs, PoliSci or Social Science. The author was basically saying that anybody who disagrees with Bush foreign policy (or is a Muslim) is a dangerous person corrupting the youth of America. One poor social scientist from the Midwest got a write up because she has been studying the effects of welfare reform. oohhh, scary.

Personally, I think that a professor's beliefs and research have a place in the classroom (unless they are issuing bad grades for well argued opposition). To me that is one of the main reasons that we don't have the same teacher for every class. The point of college isn't to memorize government approved textbooks (that's how they do it in Moldova and it's not working well for them). It's to learn to think, research and argue your beliefs, no matter what side you are on.

Anyways, I got a call from J this morning. She made it to Viet Nam finally. They had an unscheduled stop in Korea and then made it to Hong Kong to late to make the connection to Saigon, so she ended up having to wait 15 hours or so. She said that her group was going to go to Dalat, which is in the mountains north of Saigon for the next couple days for orientation, so she probably won't have internet, but hopefully we'll hear her initial impressions of Viet Nam after that.

G'night, all.


jessica 5:58 AM  

Which professor made the "most dangerous" list? I'm very curious!

onetenchelsea 6:29 AM  

The marxist guy with a muslim last name.

I also noticed that there were like 4 poli sci teachers from Rutgers, so i bet Denise would know some people in there.

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