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Boston, Massachusetts
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Hey, All,

J got a new cell phone and I thought I'd pass the number along. From the States (or Canada or Germany for that matter) dial 011 +84 (905) 04 3617. She's 12 hours ahead of Eastern Time and 13 hours ahead of Central. So if you're in Central Time and you call her at 9 at night you'll be talking to her at 10 am tomorrow. This is particularly useful if you want to bet on sporting events, as they will have already occured once you cross the international date line. or something like that.

You should be able to get a calling card that will give you something around 30 minutes for $5. I'd suggest going to an immigrant neighborhood and asking at a corner shop. They should be able to help you.

Also, if you didn't notice, J (nguoi My) also blogged once.


bethany 11:49 AM  

you have the best flickr page ever.

✙ patron saint of ulster ✙ 1:47 PM  

how's everything on the boston front? and wait, where's jessica now? you guys are such world travelers. with beautiful photos! when do you visit the cities next? it's gotta be time for someone else to get married....

onetenchelsea 2:04 PM  

jessica is in Saigon, but I'll be in Minneapolis in 2 and a half weeks. do all you guys still hang out after the porch?

✙ patron saint of ulster ✙ 4:19 PM  

yes! we should watch a movie on the big screens and order take-out!!!!! that's what we've been doing. can't wait to see you! wow saigon.

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