2005's Best Books on Urban Issues

Istanbul, Turkey
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I know we moved past the whole year end list thing a month ago, but I just stumbled on this.

The web magazine PLANetizen, which I am just beginning to read and enjoy has a yearly list of best books on Urban topics. I've read at least one from each year and can tell you that I've liked them so far. I'm going to work my way through the lists. Here is the list for 2005. The Jane Jacobs is really good.

ps. if you're wondering why I always post photos, it's because a) I like them and b) BU blocked access to blogger but not flickr.


Anna 10:48 PM  

So you can't write on your blog from BU?? That's nuts? I think I was making a comment on Ben's fro while in my philosophy class the other day. . . This isn't a normal occurrance, mind you, I just was waiting for the professor to really get flowing with the lecture. . .um. . yeah.

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