Is this something I should be concerned about?

San Diego, California
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The MBTA has been installing these things at all of the above ground stations that give off a sound that only birds can hear to get rid of pigeons on the platforms. I first came across them a few months ago at the Beachmont station on the blue line. Here's the thing: I can hear them... and it hurts. Jessica thought I was crazy, but it started before I even knew they were there. I just hear a high pitched noise and feel a bunch of pressure in the back of my head. Now they are putting them all over the place. I really don't like the implication: that i must be somehow pigeon like, but I don't see an alternative explanation.

6 Days down. 96 Days to go.


Brother James 9:20 PM  

Oh, don't you have some popcorn that someone should be feeding you or something?

onetenchelsea 10:59 PM  

mmmm... popcorn

Driver2165 12:42 AM  

call and complain! i love it!

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