one would think it might be a dark day...

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...but when it comes down to it, a minority government by one of the most liberal conservative parties in the western hemisphere could be worse.

oh, Canada... why?

At least the socialists took Bolivia and Chile this month. Hugo called Boliva, Venezuela and Cuba the "axis of good." he he. Anybody see the new Bolivian president's sweater?

By the way, according to the news I now live in EaBo, not Eastie. Apparently we've been "rebranded" for the sake of all the new condo buyers. That's progress for you.


Driver2165 12:41 AM  

it's hard to argue with the axis of good when the cubans are offering to give all the money they make from the WBC to katrina evacuees and venezuela offered them cheap gas while the goverment that actually represents the evacuees is stealing their houses and taking away their food stamps and bankruptcy protection

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