My Monday

Saqqara, Egypt
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I finally had a day off of work today. I went for a walk from Kenmore Square through the Fenway and Mission Hill and did some shopping.

I got to talk to J for awhile, which was, of course, great. She's having a great time. She said Cairo is much less modern then she expected. She likes the donkeys.

I was reading on Planetizen that the Conservatives in Canada have put forward a program for tax breaks for people who buy monthly public transit passes if they win the election (which they won't). Man... even the Conservatives are better up there. How awesome would that be? Besides the fact that I only spend $44 a month on transportation (what is that, a half a tank of gas now?) but you'd actually get tax money back. Let's hope the greens or democrats pick up something like that down here.


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