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We went to see Walk the Line today. I typically don't really like biography movies, but I have to admit it was good. I've always like Reese Witherspoon, too, except that I've never liked any of her movies. Nice to have one that I can name now.

In other news, J & I have noticed a disturbing trend. Those portable dvd players that they make now... So, we were in a resturant in New Hampshire last weekend, eating at a random little family resturant, and this chubby family had a dvd player sitting on their table. TV dinner at a resturant. Today, it was a guy in the subway. Now, I'm a pretty wired person, I have my computer with me most of the time and I use the dvd player on long flights and so on, and I have my iPod (which I never use when I'm with people), but are we honestly so disconnected from the world that we need visual stimulation when we are out with our families? Come on!


Anna 11:18 PM  

Yeah, I have to admit that while I was painting at Solomon's today that I had my iPod earphone in one ear and that I was kind of talking to people at the same time while listening to music. I suppose that would put me in the same category as those people. at least I didn't totally ignore everyone, I only had it in ONE ear. . .
I just couldn't handle the music being played outloud that's all.

Anna 11:19 PM  

I also loved Walk the line. It was one of my favorite movies of that year. That and Munich. And I saw Crash yesterday. That was pretty good.

onetenchelsea 9:05 AM  

I liked Munich, but I really didn't make me think much afterwards (which is what I look for in a favorite movie) I felt that Spielberg had carefully crafted the film to make you have the exact same opinion when you left it as you had when you went in, except amplified.

Anna 11:37 AM  

Yeah, I suppose you are right. Crash seemed to be a thinking movie. almost made me think more than I wanted too. But maybe even though Munich didn't lead to a lot of "thinking" it did leave a certain feeling of horror in me. It left much more of a last impression than anything else I saw all year. And I wouldn't saw that what Spielberg wanted you to think was super clear about the Palestinian situation. I mean he's Jewish and it was told from that perspective, but I totally saw the other side's as well. Wasn't it such a commentary on current events? At least I saw it that way.

onetenchelsea 2:36 PM  

I think it did tell both sides, but in such a way that if you disagree you'd be able to ignore it. I think I would have respected it more if it had said more to either one side or the other

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