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I read in the news that Andres Duany, the Miami based architect/planner who is one of the founders of the Congress for the New Urbanism got the job as chief planning advisor for the reconstruction of New Orleans (+16 something Mississippi communities), which is basically what I expected would happen.

It's kind of funny that this giant win for New Urbanism is coming at a point when the intellectual steam behind the movement is kind of changing direction, but perhaps that's what has to happen before something gains public acceptance. It will be interesting to see what the first large scale New Urbanist city will look like

Rebuilding an entire city is basically every planners dream, and it often adds a lot to the character of the city, for example, it is because of the great fire that Chicago has brick residential architecture while every other Midwestern city is primarily wood.

I'm thinking the Duany is a good choice. In the context we're talking about, it'll mean new urbanist planning (which is it's strong point) while the architecture will be left to private home owners (for the most part). Even in the areas that New Urbanist architecture is used, the neo-traditionalist architecture will work well with the traditional French influenced designs.


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