So the system kind of broke down there, huh?

Dublin, Ireland
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I was getting out of class late last night and getting ready to cross Comm Ave to the train stop which is in the median. There were a bunch of us waiting to cross and three lanes of traffic coming at us. Then, for no apparent reason, all three lanes of traffic stop at a green light. The pedestrians weren't sure what to do, the drivers weren't sure what to do, and I was so surprised that I accidentally hung up on J. See people, this is why we have rules.


John 11:59 AM  

That's pretty freaky - the power of peer pressure, I guess.
Happy belated birthday, BTW.
Stephi and I were on vacation the last two weeks (in Krakow and Kemer, read my blog for how it went). :)

P.S. I just noticed (on about the umpteenth reading) that there's a typo in your neat quote on the city in America: "foreigner" not "foriegner".

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