Harbour Islands

Boston, Massachusetts
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J & I went to the harbor islands for the day yesterday to celebrate my birthday. Good times were had by all.

When I moved to Boston, I expected the ocean to be a little more accessible then it is. I kind of thought it would be a bit more like Chicago, with the long straight sweeping shoreline. But really we're quite set back from the ocean, in fact, that is why we were placed here. By the time they built Chicago no one was worried about siege warfare, and you didn't need a city wall like you did when Boston was built.

The Harbour Islands are a whole big group of islands that shelter the harbour. There are a bunch of forts and lighthouses and wild-berry-picken and the like. You can even camp out there (how often can you camp in such an urban setting?) We went to Georges Island, which has a big old fort on it that used to be part of the chain of forts that protected the coast against the big bad British. In the civil war they kept southern prisoners of war there and in World Wars I & II they managed the mining of the harbour from there.


bethany 7:05 PM  

that's such a nice picture of jessica. love the sweater!

onetenchelsea 8:42 PM  

i got that for her for christmas last year!

Jerry Plagge, Jr. 11:39 AM  


Are you a 9/11 birthday too? If you are, then that would bring the number to "4". I already have a wife, step-nephew and friend with this birthday.

9/11 holds a lot of significance for me:

onetenchelsea 11:46 AM  

no i'm 9-13. J just had to work today.

lyh0626 2:15 PM  

i like the WITTY quote on your profile VERY MUCH! :)

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