An Ode to the iPod on Public Transportation.

Boston, Massachusetts
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I just had to write about how much I love it when my iPod picks the perfect song for a given moment. I'm sure drivers feel this way too, but to me it feels like trains and iPod's go together like Macaroni & Cheese and Cut-Up-Hot-Dogs.

My top song/spot combos:

Madvillian - accordion (Fourtet Remix): Exiting the Orange Line at Chinatown Station outbound and walking up the stairs.

Laura Veirs - Secret Someones: When you are on a Green Line train at State and watching everyone run for trains.

Tiki Obmar - Lillypads A: On the Orange Line outbound when the train goes above ground for the first time after New England Med. Center and MassPike and the Back Bay are on the right.

Postal Service - Brand New Colony: (I want to take you far from the cynics in this town...) When the Commuter Rail Train speeds up for the first time outside of North Station.

I'd make a mix tape, but i don't think it would work as well.


Driver2165 11:26 AM  


John 2:31 AM  

Wow, I haven't even heard OF a single one of those artists, let alone those songs.

What style are they?

John 4:09 AM  

Oh, BTW, I just saw your comment on Mike's page about having to click through his intro page to get to his blog.
Dude, use BlogLines.
I hardly every actually visit the sites any more since blog lines collects their RSS feeds at one place and I can read the articles there - plus I can see right away whether a site has anything new yet (like Mike's - hasn't been updated in a while ;)

Driver2165 12:29 PM  

online aggregators are teh ghey

i use netnewswire on my mac

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