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Boston, Massachusetts
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I just read this op-ed in the Des Moines Register (that's right, baby, the Des Moines Register) that suggested the solution for Iowa's population leakage problem is to become more like Portland, OR. Progressive planning, transit-oriented development, investment in the arts, ect. I gotta say that seems a better idea then repopulating with south americans like they've been trying. (of course if you really want to be like Portland you've really got to build a mountain, pine forests and and ocean an hour away... but i guess you work with what you've got, huh...)


John 3:39 AM  

I don't know what's stranger - the fact you're reading the Des Moines register in your free time, or the fact that they're saying "Let's be like Portland!"


BTW, tell Jessica to awaken from her blog slumber. Every one of her faithful readers can't hold their breath much longer. :)

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