i'm so tired right now that i'm lowercase.

but seriously. i'm a week into school and i think it's going to be a very challenging semester. i've got one graduate class that is absolutely fascinating, but my god is there a ton of reading. the professor gave us five text books and we're going to read pretty much all of all of them in the next 8 1/2 weeks. plus a paper per week. plus a couple of longish research papers at the end of the semester. i think i'm writing one of the sociology of american public transportation and one on the planning involved in reunifing berlin and moving the capital back.

i got secret shopped at work last week and got 100%. they gave me a $25 amex gift card.

my damn wife is leaving me (for business trips. so i think she's coming back). i already knew she was going to moldova and turkey in october, but now it looks like she is also going to be spending 3 weeks in egypt right after christmas. 3 continents in 3 months without spending a penny. not bad for jessica. and now i'm feeling bad for damning her, so i take it back.

so to get back at her i used some birthday money to by myself a ticket to puerto rico for part of the time that she is in moldova. san juan is the second oldest european city in the hemisphere (every wall is great if the ceiling doesn't fall). plus i'm hoping winter baseball will have started already. i may rent a vespa and try to circumnavigate something.

the end.


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