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Boston, Massachusetts
I picked up a book a few days ago about travel photography and I feel like I've been learning quite a bit from it. With as much traveling as J & I do, I really wanted to start doing something to improve the quality of the photos that we've taken. Unfortunately, we really don't have time for a class (although I'd really like to do that sometime). So, I guess for now, I'm just going to keep reading and taking pictures.
Salem, Massachusetts
Today I spent a few hours walking just around and taking some pictures. I think in the past one of my problems has been trying to capture scenes that are too large, so I tried to focus down some. There are quite a few that I think came out pretty well (although, as you can tell by the sky, it wasn't the nicest day for it). I also just uploaded a few pictures from Salem a couple of weeks ago.


John 9:29 AM  

Nice pictures! I should try that - focus down, my pictures usually suck.
My brother David takes awesome pictures, he just has this eye for cool layouts for the most mundane snapshots. Check out his Flickr site.

Anna 3:48 PM  

Hey Zakcq, I got my stuff moved in. Yeah, Jay had to help me again. I told him he was going to be my new best friend. I ordered your b-day present today, but you won't get it until october because of its release date. So you're not forgotten!

onetenchelsea 8:42 PM  

i think he should be your new best friend.

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