Boston, Massachusetts
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I bit the bullet and got a "pro" account with Flickr so that J would be able to upload photos from Istanbul, Moldova, Vietnam and so on.

I just finished uploading all of my Dublin photos, my Canada photos from last march and a bunch of pictures of Boston (which I put under the heading New England). About half of the Boston photos are Mike Caron and about half are mine.



Jerry Plagge, Jr. 12:53 PM  

Going to Edinburgh in September for work. I won't have much time to "play".

Did you ever make it there?

Can't wait.

onetenchelsea 1:15 PM  

no, but we were actually thinking about going there for thanksgiving, so i've been reading up some. I just started a book called "Crowded with Genius" It's about Edinburgh and the scottish enlightenment. I've enjoyed what i've read (which is only the first few pages). I heard great things. Have fun.

John 2:52 AM  

Half of your photos are of Mike Caron? Wow, you must be pretty obsessed.

onetenchelsea 9:35 AM  

yeah... that's what i meant... (where is the sarcasm button again? I think it's apple/option/s right?)

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