Ireland Photos

Strangford, Co. Down, No. Ireland
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I uploaded a few pictures from our trip to Dublin last year. I'll try and get the rest up in the next few days, so check back.

Unfortunatly, I think I let the film sit around too long without developing it, because some of the pictures came out kind of fuzzy.

I also just added a link and moved around the others based on how often they post. The new link is a guy I know from Richfield, MN ("The Urban Hometown" if you believe the welcome signs) where I lived from 1997 through 2001 (it's was only 3 blocks outside of Minneapolis, so I usually used that as my address. I've always been a bit of a city snob). He is very involved in the city politics there and even though he's on the wrong side, it's still interesting conversation. We (usually) keep in civil, and there are places where we are able to agree and find middle ground. At worst, we learn what the other side believe and why, and there is nothing wrong with that.


Driver2165 2:51 AM  

which one is the new one?

who's this sd63 cat that supposedly posts less that luke and michelle? (is that even possible?)

Natalie 3:30 AM  

I love your blog! For creating this entertainment, In return, here is a link where you can make SIX FIGURES next month. I am walking proof. It's all from Google's pockets too!

Jerry Plagge, Jr. 4:27 PM  

Be nice Ryan, I have two kids, other hobbies, work and a house to tend to... in other words, I have a life.

I was posting more regularly back in spring, but nice weather and a fabulous project at work is filling usual lunch time and evening browsing habits.

And since we are taking "shots", did you mean "posts less than", instead of "posts less that"? I'm guessing that was a typo or else your grammer is a horrid as Zakcq's spelling abilities.

Ryan, do you have a blog or is this account just for commenting?

(in case it is not obvious, I'm just having some fun with this comment)

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