The thought struck me this morning that I'm going to be turning 24 in a couple of weeks. I know that doesn't seem like such a big year, but to me it seems pretty big. It's the point at which you can no longer claim you're in your early twenties. Now it's mid-twenties. I get kind of weird about my birthdays every year. I usually find them to be pretty disappointing (at 21, for example, I'd been living in Germany for about a year, if you know what I mean). But seriously, mid-twenties? Frickin' A.

A few months ago, J & I were coming home from the grocery store on the Blue Line. I was sitting across from her and I remember looking up at her, and then at my reflection and noticing how much older we look. Not really in a bad way (in fact, if anything age has been good for me, looks-wise), but it was still a weird realization.

Beyond all of that, it is strange how much has changed as far as the way I view the world. When I was picking up my books for next semester, I was incredibly relieved that the summer was ending and I was going back to school. It's just the opposite of the way we were when we were kids. At what point did real life get more exciting then time off?


bethany 12:30 AM  

when i turned 24 i thought i was getting so old, it scared me a little. now i'm getting used to it and i turn 25 in a few months. ahhh!!!

John 3:15 AM  

The thought of turning 25 freaks me out as well - that's SO OLD!!!
That's half-way to ... 30!! :)

I just got to be careful around Stephi, seeing as she is three years older than me. ;)

I also noticed how much older I look just yesterday when seeing a picture from our wedding almost three (!) years ago. Whoa...writing that I just noticed...THREE years. Zakcq, thanks for freaking me out. :)

Anna 2:20 PM  

I think you are getting too old for birthday presents. . . ha ha!!!!
Well I don't have the getting old problem looks wise at least. . . people still think I'm 18. . . like we were talking about the other day, I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not. I think you and Jessica have both aged very nicely!!! Oh geez, I could be getting myself into trouble now. I'll just shut up. . .

onetenchelsea 2:24 PM  

hmmm. i seem to remember someone promising a present if we helped them move.

are you moved into your filmore street place?

jessica 3:30 PM  

This post is a shameless way to remind people to buy you presents!

onetenchelsea 10:20 AM  

Damn straight baby.

are you gonna get me something?

Jerry Plagge, Jr. 12:47 PM  

You kids and your old comments!

I'm 5 months from the big 3-5 and in October it will be 7 years (married later than you). Throw kids in the mix and you really feel old.

Zakcq, I wonder if your views will change even more when/if kids show up and you get even older?

Also, how about I send you a Michael Savage book for your birthday? I'm sure you'd love his book. Or else maybe Medved?

onetenchelsea 1:19 PM  

yuck. savage sucks. I'm not a big fan of pundits on either side. I think they oversimplify things. Really all they do is contribute to ignorance on both sides. Savage in particular though I can't stand. I picked up one of his books once and flipped it open to a random page. He had a quote in there about immigration policy that he attributed to a leader of a "major german party" In actuallity it was the head of one of the far right neonazi groups. And he was saying that this guy had good imigration policy. if that doesn't turn you off I don't know what will.

Anna 4:34 PM  

Ha ha, I was talking to Ryan and Bethany at church and Bethany mentioned your latest post and if I had read it yet. I said no. She told me what it was about, and I said it was just because I forgot to bring your present when I was out there! I'm right. To quote Jessica, "shameless, shameless." You'll get your present Zakcq, and a piece of coal!!!!

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