the dream.

j got her tickets for her work trip in October. She'll have about 5 days in ChisinaĆ» and Krikova, Moldova plus a bonus 4 day side trip to Istanbul, Turkey.

Plus they've got layovers in Deutschland, which I'm sure will be cool for her. We haven't been back since we moved.

She's going to be working to set up a program between Northeastern University and the Moldova State University to help the Moldovans with retaining more of their intelectuals after graduation (think Moldova=Iowa and you'll understand).

So, I've got to say, this here, what I'm talking about, this is the dream. A good job, not super high paying, but enough, with high degrees of intelectual stimulation and satisfaction where you get sent all over the world to do stuff. That's all we're asking for.


John 9:36 AM  

Sa-weet! You coming to Berlin on your Germany trip, Jessica? Stephi and I would love to have you over for dinner or something...

onetenchelsea 4:11 PM  

no it's only frankfurt

Jerry Plagge, Jr. 12:57 PM  

Istanbul sounds interesting. My sister spent a month there in college (it was a middle east trip for four months Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Israel).

If I recal correctly this is the ranking:
Egypt (Cairo)

She would be fine never going back to Cairo, that place sounds like a complete disaster.

She was sick when in Jerusalem so that was a bummer, but she did spend Christmas Eve in Bethlehem with a terrorist (Arafat was there).

onetenchelsea 3:45 PM  

The professor that Jess works for is an Egypt expert and he goes to Cairo a lot. I've heard it's changed a lot lately. I've heard like four people compare it to New York in the last few months, which is weird to me because it is always brought up in planning as one of the worst cities on earth (up there with Houston, Lagos, Santiago, Dehli, ect. )

I've heard Istanbul is great. A lot like rome.

Rad 11:46 PM  

ONLY Frankfurt? Hey, I lived there buddy. Frankie's great. Well... not really. The old Oper is nice. The Taunus hills are very nice. I miss working with those guys, Martin and Martin and Oliver... tears brimming.

Yeah, I've always wanted to go to Istanbul, sounds like a phenomonal city, completely non-western and very different. Can't wait to see it some day.

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