Rehersals for Arrival

As a teenager, I’d usually drive through Chicago at least a couple times a year, either going to the city itself, or to points east (grandparents in Indiana, ect). My dad would always want to take the big loop around the city, but I always pushed to drive right through the middle. I loved everything that you got to see on that interstate, driving under the Sears Tower and past all of the other skyscrapers. Even though I grew up on Minneapolis’ south side, I think it was in Chicago that I really started to love cities.

It pains me to say it, but New York is so much better. I’ve come into New York twice now, and flown over once. I’ve done Amtrak and driven in. Driving is way to go. When you take the train, you come in through queens and then tuck into a tunnel before you get to see anything. When you drive in from the north, you come through the Bronx’s forest of low income towers until you see the Empire State Building rising in front of you followed by the rest of Manhattan’s skyline.

Take the Triborough Bridge on to 125th and 2nd in Spanish Harlem. 2nd to 110th. 110th to Fifth and follow the park. Cut under at 97th. Then Columbus to the Port Authority. Finally, get off the bus and it’s right onto the streets of Midtown, people everywhere trying to find a Subway that will take you somewhere (Manhattan has the most confusing Subway system anywhere, it’s much harder then it looks.) Take the N, Q or R (but not W) downtown to the East Village.

Enjoy your stay.


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