Becoming Bostonian

So, I think it's finally happened. I was sitting on Comm. Ave the other day reading when a big white SUV with Ohio plates pulled up to the curb and rolled down it's window. A women leaned out and asked directions to Feneuil Hall. It was as though I was possessed by the soul of some crusty Hub old-timer (the kind that still say tonic for soda and bubbler for water fountian) and I heard pass from my lips the following sentence: "Yah pahk yah cah an tahk tha T." I also reallized at work the other day that i've started using "how you doin" instead of hello and wicked is becoming an adjective of choice. Another six months and i probably won't be using "you know" at the end of all my sentences anymore.


Anna 8:15 PM  

You nerd! I didn't have any idea that this blog existed since you always linked to that Red Sox one when you comment on my blog. If you wouldn't have made a profile on facebook I never would have found it. I just thought you got tired of writing after like four entries.
I think it will take me much longer than that to lose my Minnesotan accent. Although i've been here 10+ months already. Scary.
But I have become Bostonian in my love for the Red Sox and my hatred for the Big Dig. A little bit at a time, eh?

bethany 11:35 AM  

when i was 15 we went to mass to visit family and i think i heard the word wicked more on that trip than in my entire life. thats funny. :)

onetenchelsea 2:17 PM  

what red sox thing am i linking too? I've got seriously no idea how computers work. good thing i payed brown $18,000.

onetenchelsea 2:28 PM  

speaking of which, how do you put those book links on your site?

Anna 8:42 PM  

I went to someone else's blog and saw a format I liked and I stole their template. Now I just edit it. But I have to pull the link and the picture from seperate places, its a little confusing. . . took a while to figure out.

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