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ahhh.... just finished my final paper for ethics. i wrote on Kant's sense of duty crossbred with Jane Jacob's ideas of slum clearance. I was going to post it, but then i realized that even i wouldn't want to read 7 pages on that, so to hell with it. Now that we're done with class (and she's still carrying a 4.0), Jessica and I are off to NY for a couple of days of rest. We've got tickets for the Yankees and the Angels on Thursday night. It'll be my first time at an outdoor stadium for a night game. We've also got a $100 gift certificate for a gourmet cheese shop. Mikee eat your heart out. We are staying at the hotel where Woody Allen shot "Manhattan Murder Mystery," which we just rented. It's good, check it out.

On a different note, we just saw a preview of the movie "Crash." See it. It's hard to watch but very good. I was also happy that when they were speaking Farsi in the movie I understood some of it. Now that I can read it's coming faster.


Anna 4:06 PM  

That's great. Hope you guys have a good time. We'll hang out when you get back I guess, although I will be in the midst of paper-writing hell. I have four to do. plus i'm sick. Oh well. I think I'm going to NY in June for a week to see Jenne and Dasha sing in Carnagie Hall.

Driver2165 10:19 AM  

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