Pope Vote 2005

Just for fun... here are the front runners (probably).

Francis Arinze (72 Nigeria) -
Former archishop of Onitsha, now in Rome overseeing liturgy
Converted from Animism

Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga (62 Honduras) -
Archbishop of Honduras
Speaks six Languages

Christoph Schönborn (60 Austria) -
Archbishop of Vienna
Talented at reconciliation

Angelo Sodano (77 Italy) -
Vatican Secretary of State
Bureaucrat who knows the Vatican inside and out

I think the two older guys have a better chance, I don't think they want to run the risk of having another Pope who lives such a long time (John Paul's was the second longest reign ever. Choosing someone older is one of the churches checks and balances.) Personally, I'm thinking it is going to be Arinze. The church is growing fastest in the developing world, and I think they'll want to reflect that, just as Pope John Paul was chosen for his ability to speak out against Communism, I think the challenge before the church now is Poverty and Development.


Driver2165 1:23 PM  

hey zakcq have you seen fever pitch? i loved it

onetenchelsea 2:25 PM  

no, haven't seen it yet. I loved the book, so I'm not so sure about the movie. We'll have to go though.

onetenchelsea 3:29 PM  

another technical question. has anyone got a good photo hoster?

Anna 10:47 PM  

I've been using flickr.com, but they have a limit of a certian number of free uploads per month otherwise you pay like $20 a year or something.

Rad 12:46 AM  

I am suprised at the results today. A German got the votes and it didn't take too long at all. I heard on NPR that there was a conclave once that lasted 3 years! Holy freaking conclave, Batman! Now the Romans can start worrying about their new government. Things never settle down there.

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