Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

For someone like me, who loves cities, New York is, quite possibly, the greatest place on earth. It is like old faithful, the grand canyon and glacier national park all rolled into one for nature lovers. Growing up in Minneapolis, where the actually "city" ends somewhere around 36th (and that is being generous, especially since about a third of that is parking lot), being able to go uptown to 50th, 75th, 110th, 140th without seeing the urbanity disapate is wonderful. That is why I was really surprised that I really didn't enjoy my first time there all that much.

This time, however, was great. We totally just clicked there. We spent most of our time just walking. I swear if/when I ever move there, I'm just going to map out the whole island and spend my weekends walking up and down until I'd seen everything.

Whenever we go on these trips, Jessica and I can't help mapping out what our lives in a new place would be like. Me: working at an architecture firm designing waterfronts and campuses with a little time left over to lecture at Columbia. She: Dean of International Students at NYU. Together: one daughter, going to a school with cute little uniforms; living in a pre-war two bedroom walkup on the upper west side or in the east village.

We went to game at Yankee Stadium. Yankees lost 3-1 (which is fine with me). New Yorkers love the self-depriciation when it comes to the Yankees. The guy next to us was making fun of them the whole time. It wasn't in the same sort of way we make fun of the Twins. In Minnesota, we're the little guy struggling against the odds. In New York, they know they are paying for wins, and when they lose, you get the feeling that they know that the universe was being just. I think, if we ever did live in NY, I'd have to be a Mets fan. I need that drama and heartbreak that the Yankees just can't give. (Side note on universial justice: Jessica's brother just took a job with an oil company, combine that with her dad working for defense, and we've got an awful lot of zen to balance. sounds like we'll be stuck helping people the rest of our lives. That should piss off Winston Churchill.)

For now it's back to Boston, living in an expensive ghetto, waiting for "adult" life to begin.


Anna 12:08 PM  

I went to your old border's on Saturday because I had to get a book that was recalled from the Harvard Libaray for a paper. "Why Evangelicals are Israel's Best Friend's" or something. Saw your friend from Israel, but she was busy. Anyway, I might be getting a new apartment in Allston, long story! But speaking of car free living and cities, it is a way better location than I am in now, closer to Harvard Sq, and the buses are a ton better. Cheaper too. Jeff and I are good.

onetenchelsea 4:46 PM  

jessica and I are actually looking at apartments right now too. We're thinking either Fenway or JP. Allston could be good for you. We looked at a couple in Brighton, but i don't think it makes much sense for us (far for jessica, far for me, B line sucks, ect.) Are you looking at Allston because it's between BC and Harvard :-) Saw an absolutly beautiful place in Fenway today. It was on park dr. overlooking the fenway. it was a corner apartment with great bay window around about 1/2 of the living room, unfortunatly, it was $1250, which is a little more then we can do. The previous tenant had lived there 37 years. That's how nice it was. grrr. expensive boston...

btw do you and jeff have plans for the new star wars?

Anna 5:56 AM  

I have a final on the 20th (which finishes like 5pm), but afterwards I plan to see it asap, if Jeff hasn't already seen it first. But he can see it again. Yeah, Allston would be good for location to Jeff. I am just looking for something better for school as well. Either right ON the T, or else seriously, right there at Harvard. This apartment in Allston is like a ten min walk, but I'm waiting to hear from her. So busy right now, but I want to hang out soon. Not going to LIVE at the Cape for the summer, but I will VISIT. decided that made better sense. Why am I have a private conversation in blogspace? Say hi to Jess!!!

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