a moment of silence

Pete the Pirate the Guinea Pig passed away tonight... He will be missed...


Anna 9:12 AM  

Zakcq, I'm so so sorry!!! How horrible. Do you know why? Was it that skin thing? Did you see it coming? I saw that you and Jess called. I'm taking Jeff to the Blue Man Group tonight, but we need to get together soon and play settlers or something.

onetenchelsea 1:40 PM  

yeah, it was the skin thing. Sad thing is, we finally found out what it was. He was being treated for it, but I guess it was too little to late. Really, the trip to the vet probably just stressed him out. Moritz is being treated now, and we'll probably get another one once he's ok.

Rad 12:47 AM  

Awww Z. I'm sorry dude. Poor Moritz is by himself now. Long live the Red Heads.

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