Wahl 2005

Well, it seems that Angela Merkel finally was able to throw together a grand-coalition between the CDU and the SPD in Germany.

I can't say I'm super excited about this outcome. SPD will retain control of the foreign, finance, labor, justice, health, transport, environment and development ministries. Union gets economy, defense, interior, agriculture, family and education portfolios. Which means, in rough terms, that everybody ended up with the portfolios that they are most likely to screw up.

The bright light is that the FDP seems to have been left out, although it also means that the Greens (who frankly have done a very good job in government) are also sitting in opposition.

I was really hoping that everybody on the left would have been able to work out their bickering and bring in an SPD-Green-Left Party government.

Here's hoping that they can't get anything done and a new election gets called soon. Prost.

Completely different topic:

J & I just went to see Good Night, and Good Luck. Best movie I've seen so far this year. See it.


John 11:54 AM  

Yup, noone is really happy about this election. Noone, including Merkel.

And they WON'T be getting anything done in the near future, seeing how it took them forever to get something done that it so important to get done as quickly as possible.

I have to write hrmhnnmf to post this.

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