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Berlin, Germany
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After considering for a day Ryan's recent list of his favorite cities I came up with my own list of my 10 favorite cities that i've visited, in order:

1. Berlin!
2. Rome, Italy
3. New York
4. Chicago (tie)
4. Boston (tie)*
6. Copenhagen, Denmark
7. Dublin, Ireland
8. Minneapolis
9. Brussels, Belgium
10. Washington, DC (tie)
10. Prague, Czech Republic (tie)*

I've also been to Amsterdam and San Francisco, and I have a feeling that they would be on the list, but I'd need to visit them again. In SF I don't think I understood enough about cities to really enjoy it. In Amsterdam I was travelling with my parents (which isn't the best way to do Amsterdam).

I encourage you all to post your favorite places.

*If all things were equal, I'd like Boston better than Chicago. Boston wins food and culture. Chicago gets housing prices and weather. Both have great architecture and public transit. I couldn't pick a winner. With Prague and DC, I think I'd pick Prague as a place i'd rather visit, but I think i'd be more likely to live in DC long term. Likewise, Minneapolis rates high as a favorite place because I love the people and culture, however some things like public transit make me feel like it's unlikely I'd want to live there again.


Driver2165 10:19 PM  

you've been to better cities than i have.

i have portland #1 on my list, but that's mainly because of what you get fits me and bethany compared to what you don't get. Plus i would have to live in a faulty city or I wouldn't know what to complain about

onetenchelsea 10:32 PM  

you've just been west and i've been east. how would you rate lima? did you know they opened the first line of a new subway about a year ago? five lines when it's done.

John 7:09 AM  


I agree, though, Berlin just rocks, it has a great style and GREAT public transportation.

Anna 10:54 AM  

I'm not very good at looking at things like transportation and such in ranking places. I'm much more of a heart person. Of all of the places I've visited, which includes three cities in Europe, my favorite place to visit was Oaxaca, Mexico. It was just beautiful, the people were wonderful, the weather was nice, the transporation was interesting and the artitecture was actually quite beautiful. I could live there happily if I hadn't caught typhoid and Hep A there. . .

onetenchelsea 7:41 PM  

Oaxaca, huh. That's pretty cool. I've really got to spend some time in Mexico sometime.

Anna 1:20 AM  

yeah, Mexico is probably my favorite country. My parents would probably die to hear that I would enjoy living there someday.

Jerry Plagge, Jr. 9:59 AM  

I love Berlin, but sometimes I wonder why.

I think it has its own sense of beauty, but most would not necessarily agree.

Some places in the city have smells that are not nice, but I'd love to smell them again.

I have been there twice and didn't really hit all the tourist traps or "places to see" like museums because both trips were focused. One was a job hunt and the other construction project, but so we just really travelled through the city and took it in.

As a WWII history guy, Berlin is fascinating. I actually enjoyed waiting in line at the Reichstag because I was just imagining the historical events that took place on those grounds pre, during and post-war. What they have done with the dome (glass spiral walking path with english/german historical facts at bottom) is incredibily cool.

I have to think about the rankings thing a bit. I just compile a list of places I've been... so that will be a start.

onetenchelsea 11:26 AM  

you haven't smelled anything till you've smelled boston in mid summer when the wind is coming off the harbour. Fish are the worst.

Ted K 7:18 PM  

No city is the US is more exciting then NYC at night. Although I love the human scaled design of Boston, particularly the North and South End, I would give Chicago the edge due to the access to the Lake and the diverse nightlife. I must go to Berlin someday. I love walking the streets of Montreal. Philly hasa a great energy, if the part of the city that is vibrant expands out, I would place it near the top. Just to walk and eat, I love Charleston, SC. Austin, TX is funky and has so much green space. Portland, OR is high on my list of cities to visit.

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