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Trip Planning
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... mainly because i've got little to no time in the next week or so. I've got a couple papers and a midterm and work, but it's not so bad because next friday I leave for San Juan. I promise plenty of pictures and bloging when I'm there (or just back at the worst). Jessica leaves next Thursday for her business trip to Moldova and Turkey as well, and she's said she'll make sure to blog and post pictures when she gets back too (speaking of which, she just confirmed that she gets to go to Egypt for three weeks right after Christmas for work too).

Have a good week.


Brother James 1:58 PM  

I'm more of a fan of the Rough Guides than Lonely Planet, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

Interestingly, I'm doing some bibliographical work for a professor at UVic who is researching Russian policies toward Moldova. Should be interesting stuff.

onetenchelsea 2:04 PM  

i'm not a big fan of rough guides. I like lonely planet and footprint the most.

onetenchelsea 2:57 PM  

rough guide also doesn't do some of the wierder locations. there isn't one for moldova for example

Anna 1:12 PM  

Egypt!!!! I am so jealous!!! So I guess there will be no visiting anna then in the picture?? I have new insurance and can't leave the state until the end of Feb. when I sign up for Blue Cross again. I miss you guys.

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