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Boston, Massachusetts
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Today, 4 October 2005, marks 14 months and 4 days that J & I have lived at 110 Chelsea. Unless I'm wrong that means that I have had this address for about 4 days longer then I've ever had any other. I lived at Auerstr. 44 for 14 months and 233 Oak Grove Street for 12.

Since I turned 19, I've had seven addresses. I'm kind of a gypsy. It's actually kind of weird thinking that I'm going to be here for at least 10 more months.

That said, it is nice that 110 Chelsea finally feels like home. I don't think we've ever taken such a long time adjusting. In both of the other apartments that we've lived long term, we got to choose exactly what neighborhood we got to live in. Walking around Berlin or Minneapolis, I was never like, "oh I want to live here." Because I already lived where I wanted. Loring Park and Friedrichshain were both exceedingly cool neighborhoods. In Boston it's so expensive that East Boston is basically the only place that is near the city center that we could afford. Walking around Boston I can find plenty of places that I wouldn't mind living instead (in order: North End, South End, Fenway, Back Bay, Beacon Hill). It's kind of tough to get really attached when you feel that way, but sometime in the last few months we finally started feeling at home in Eastie. It helps that it's been cleaning up a lot. We painted our apartment and bought some new furniture.

In celebration for our 14 month anniversary, I've uploaded a photo tour on to flicker. Click on the picture and then try out the Home slideshow for our apartment and the East Boston one for our neighborhood.


Anna 5:51 PM  

I'm back and alive. I have internet again, so hopefully I will be better at keeping in touch now. I understand the gypsy thing, I do a bit of that myself. . .
I'm having a b-day party on Saturday. . . I wish you guys could come. I ran into Darlene Fenner (Formally Zier) from the Rock and she and Tony might come. She's still working at Marshall Field's. i They don't go to the Rock or the Urban Refuge anymore.

Jerry Plagge, Jr. 9:15 AM  


Zackq with a full bookcase, never would have guessed. Where are all the other books? Do you recycle them by selling? Or do you check out stuff from a library?

October 29th will mark 9 years at good ole 71st & Knox in Richfield. This place is home to me/us now, especially after kids and memories start to become entangled with the lumber, plaster, paint and concrete.

bethany 2:15 PM  

your apartment is so cute, and clean

onetenchelsea 4:26 PM  

a -happy b-day. your present will be a bit late too.

j - i have many bookcases. many. since i work at a bookstore i can and do check out a lot of stuff, but if it's anything that i may be able to use in the future (for research or borrowing it to people, ect...) i ususally buy it.

b- it's not always clean. don't be fooled.

Brother James 2:03 PM  

That's a nice little place you guys have. Looks like the neighborhood has a lot of character too. Very cool.

Rad 11:51 PM  

Z-man. Sweet colors.

Bek and I bought a bed today. First time I ever spent more than 100 bucks on a bed. I think I'm going to like sleeping more.

Had Martha visited your place on her way to pick cranberries? ;)

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