I got the internship i wanted.

I'm going to be doing research relating to a Hope IV grant for the revitilization of a public housing project for a think-tank called The Center for Urban and Regional Policy (I added a link as well)

It's very interesting work, and includes some very cutting edge theories. For example it mixes market rate and public assisted housing together. Architecturally it's New Urbanist and consists of a couple of midrises (which are already completed) and about 6 blocks of nice town houses. It's got a great harbourside park and a bunch of social programs (ESL, GED, Day Care) There are also some interesting renewable energy projects: the midrise powers itself using solar power collected on the roof. I'm excited. More later.


John 3:02 AM  

Congratulations!! Looks pretty sweet.

I like the semi-transparent trees, too - are you getting into genetic engineering, as well? :)

onetenchelsea 8:52 AM  

yes, we have many transparent trees. it makes it easier to navigate when you are in third person mode.

Anna 7:49 PM  

Hey Z,
that's great! I'm happy for you!

Driver2165 2:56 PM  

zakcq lockrem for the win!

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