Sorry about not posting for awhile. I lost my internet connection in a storm and it took awhile to get someone out to fix the wire.

So, yeah, had a great time in Minnepolis. As someone who studies city planning, it is kind of fun to have a place that i know so well, yet that I visit so infrequently that I can see what development has been going on. I see a lot of good signs that traditional planning is winning in the city, for example, boulevards are actually boulevards, and the landscaping along Hiawatha shows a traditional street layout. All three of the new developments in Loring park looked great. The construction along franklin was a good start, but there is still a lot of infill that needs done. The development along Washington also looked like it was doing well. The lightrail was also extreamly busy everytime I used it, which was great to see. Build more!

Who knows, maybe in 15 years minnepolis will be the type of place i'd be willing to live again.

Also, contrats to Luc and Michelle on the wedding and Ryan and Bethany on the baby!


Driver2165 10:30 AM  

Sorry, but where are the boulevards? Or just Hiawatha? That barely counts to me because there's almost no development on it. Rails on on side and warehouses, flour mills, and power plants on the other side. It's a highway that was turned down by the neighborhoods so they made the speed limit 40 instead of 55 and threw a stoplight in every half mile.

onetenchelsea 5:40 PM  

excelsior for example. trees planted in the middle for one thing is actually illegal in most of the US.

Is Hiawatha a divided road? I can't remember.

Anna 10:50 PM  

Wow, a baby! Craziness. It's kind of weird to be back in Minneapolis. I'll have to get used to driving again, which I'm not too thrilled about. I got a thing for my iPod called an iTrip, which sends an FM signal to your car's radio station. It is basically impossible to live with public transportation from my parent's house, but I have been so much healthier in Boston not having a car. Hopefully it's just for the summer.
The drive back was Ok, the cats only meowed part of the way. Jay took the air conditioner.

onetenchelsea 11:03 AM  

I thought there was a bus to downtown from your parents house that was pretty easy?

Driver2165 12:06 PM  

i think that bus is hourly or 30 minutes at most. she's not too close to the 10 is she?

i didn't consider excelsior because it's st.louis park, but that's a good point. the only blvds in minneapolis proper i can think of are hiawatha and olson, which are both hwy 55 and basically freeways with stoplights. olson even has frontage roads! they need to do more.

onetenchelsea 7:01 PM  

yeah, if i'd have done the plan for hiawatha I would have tried to get the trains in between the two lanes of traffic. I think that arrangement is safer for pedestrians and drivers, but then they didn't ask me. Hopefully that's what they'll do on university.

Olson is a shitty design. Nothing fronts it feels like empty space. It's more like they forgot to put anything there then it is like a boulevard. North needs a lot of work all around.

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