Anniversaire dans le Connecticut

J and I had a good day down south of the border for our aniversary. We took a Honda Element from Zipcar for the day, and proceeded to New Haven, CT, home of Yale, and more importantly, the closest Ikea store until the new one opens up up here this fall. We did a bunch of shopping, getting some stuff to finish up our office and the living room. Afterwards, we drove up the coast as far as Mystic, near the Rhode Island border. Mystic is a little New England fishing and shipbuilding town, and they've got a huge open air museum of what a port town like that would look like in the 19th century. It's somewhere in between Plymouth Plantation and Murphy's Landing. It was a good museum. Afterwards we went to dinner in town and then headed back to Boston. Not a hugely eventful day, but a nice one. We also both have a three day weekend, so there is no complaining there. This week we are looking forward to Shakespeare on the Common. They are doing Hamlet this year. Last time we saw them do The Twelth Night we were on our honeymoon. Funny how that worked out, huh?


Anna 6:37 PM  

Hey, yeah, I'm still alive. And thank Jess for her email. I'm going to write her back soon. I'm just busy working, tired and worrying about what to do this fall. that's all. Happy anniversary!

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