Election "Day"

Well, voting in East Boston was a breeze. I suppose it helps that 85% of the neighborhood is from El Salvador and Columbia. No lines or anything. And I don't even have any intimidation to complain about. So Sad.

Our ballot was kind of boring out here. There were only six races and only two of them had more then one candidate running (the democrats were uncontested on almost everything.) The presidential race had Democrats, Republicans, Libratarians and the Green/Rainbow party. The other was a city council race that had a Democrat versus the Socialist Workers Party. It felt nice to be able to vote for the party I really like at least once.

Election day is one of the best days of the year for us PoliSci heads. This must be what the Superbowl feels like for those who care.

Tonight I'm going to the Kerry rally at Copley. Should be a good time, although I really don't feel like we are going to know the results tonight. More on this tomorrow...

Mit Socialistischen Gruess,
Gnoesse Zakcq


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