Ferrets On Public Transportation

On the green line a couple days ago I bumped into this really fuzzy guy. I turned around and looked and it was a ferret on a leach riding in a guys hood. Haven't been so freaked out since the cow attacked me at the Minnesota State Fair.


Driver2165 1:12 AM  

does the green line still go about 20 mph?

onetenchelsea 2:43 PM  

only because the stops are so close together. most are only 2 blocks.

Driver2165 2:59 PM  

my understanding of it is that the trains they bought in the 70s for it can't go faster than 20-25 without derailing


onetenchelsea 3:28 PM  

that may be true, but I can't really think of anywhere they'd be able to go over that anyways. The green line is really 4 lines that run on the same track for a while downtown and then split off in different directions above ground once they've left the city. The above ground stops are all really close together, and in the city, they ususally come almost one after the other, so I don't think there would be anytime that they would need to use great spead then 20. (which might have been the thinking when they bought them) Also, maybe only half of the trains are still the 70's versions. Most are newer.

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