Places I should live (in order) according to them:

Worchester, Mass
Hartford, Conn
Providence, RI
New Haven, Conn
Portland, OR
Washington, DC
Little Rock, AK (what the hell is this?)
Medford, OR
Danbury, Conn
Salem, OR
Oakland (again, what the hell?)
San Fransisco
Eugene, OR
Cambridge, Mass
San Jose, CA
Corvallis, OR
Sacramento, CA
Stamford-Norwalk, CONN
Bend, OR
Cape Cod, Mass

Places I would live (in the US) according to me:

Boston, Mass
New York, NY
Chicago, IL
Washington, DC (only for work)
San Fransisco, CA
Philadelphia, PA (only for school)
and maybe Portland or Seattle

On another note, I was walking around downtown crossing and I guy came up to me with a survey. As I normally do, I tossed him an, "Ich kann kein' Englisch." He just looked at me, and with all seriousness says, "God Bless America."


Rad 2:07 AM  

Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, Cincinnatti, Carlyle (Penn), Long Island (NY), Minneapolis, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Toledo (OH), Cleaveland (OH), Knoxville (TN), Omaha (NB), Philly, New York City, Columbus (OH), Tacoma (WA), Kent (WA), Detroit, Colorado Springs, Pittsburg, Bellingham (WA), Fort Collins (CO), The Big Apple (Manhattan).

How the heck did Omaha, Toledo (anything in OH for that matter) and Detroit get in there? Egads!

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