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Hillary Clinton is giving a lecture at Tufts on Wednesday. I'm going to try and get in. It should be interesting to hear her opinions on the direction of the Democrats now that we've established that the majority of Americans really are rednecks (and I mean that lovingly.) I'd like to see how she thinks the Democrats are going to convince people to vote for them in our newly moralist/neo-paganism-under-the-guise-of-Christian-patriotismistic society.

I started looking over grad schools overseas. I had an epihany (not about spelling evidently). What is to stop someone from living in Montreal and working 35 minutes away in upstate New York ? In fact, one could live like a king making American Dollars. I checked on apartments and I could get a three bedroom in a nice neighborhood for the cost of my one bedroom in the ghetto here. So, here is the new plan:


Zakcq - bachelor of Science in Urban Affairs - Boston University with a semester abroad in Geneva, Switzerland in 2006

Jessica - bachelor of Arts in International Affairs - Northeastern University with a semester abroad in Leuven, Belgium in 2006


Zakcq - Master of City Planning - McGill University, Montreal, Quebec


Jessica - Master of European Integration - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium

Anyways, on the bright side fall has finally come to New England. I've got to say it's not living up to the hype. The Northwoods have better colouring. Admittedly, Vermont and Maine are supposed to be better. But lately I've been walking home from work (as far as I can, anyways.) I only live like two miles from work, but the harbor is in between, so I have have to take the blue line at least one stop. I love all of Boston's faces. Everywhere you walk you turn a corner and there is some cool square or building you've never seen before. That is the benefit of not planning on a grid.

Our landlords turned on the heat last week. We've got this terrible Gas Stove thing in our living room. It's got an open flame all of the time and our whole place smells a little like natural gas. I'm hoping we don't have to use it often. I'm signing up for renters insurance as soon as I can.


Driver2165 6:12 PM  

but the dollar has tanked, even compared to canada.

Rad 1:42 AM  

The dollar has tanked, but it's still got 20 cents on the canadian dollar. Earn 5 bucks, get one free. Bummer is that if you're commuting from Canada, you're using up more gasoline, unless you drive Bio-diesel or use an electric (good luck getting that to work in a canadian winter!) and gas is way more expensive in Canada. Could you work in the States and have residency in another country? There's got to be people that do it.

onetenchelsea 2:18 PM  

yeah, but 35 minutes isn't a ton of gas anyway. How long is your comute to work right now? It must be at least that long. Plus, if you were in the US all the 5 days a week, you could always buy your gas there. Really, you'd probably get pretty good at knowing what to buy where. And yes, you can live elsewhere and work in the US. Actually, I noticed when we were crossing to Windsor that that bridge had a special lane for commuters that didn't have to stop as long at customs.

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