it rained on my parade

Woke up at 6 to open the store at 7. The blue line was already packed at maverick (6:40 on a saturday.) I noticed the homeless people weren't sleeping in there normal spots. I hope the police at least gave them a meal instead of just shooing them away. We closed the bathrooms right away. A guy said it was a conspiracy. Yep, a not having to clean nasty bathrooms conspiracy. It started drizzling at about 10. I worked till 3.

Has anyone thought about what Boston is going to do without the curse? Now we're just like the Chicago Cubs...an old team that looses important games a lot.

I saw Birth last night. It goes into the category of really good films that I didn't really like. Nicole Kidman was fantastic (oscar, probably) and the little kid was good, too, but the whole thing was really creapy. If it had been an adult man and a little girl there is no way anyone would have ever made the movie. I guess it was better with a young boy because he seemed more in control of the relationship.

Ever hit the next blog button on the top of the screen? It's pretty interesting, although the second time I tried it I got a Polish guy writing about anal sex. (I know because they were the only two words on the screen with enough vowels.) Takes all types I guess. I wonder how many people we don't know read this? I wonder how many people I do know read this?


bethany 7:58 PM  

I know, I hit the next blog button sometimes when I am bored. It is very interesting. I read one that was a single mom working at walmart, she was talking about how hard it was to work and not being able to have a cigarette or something. haha!! love the blog zakcq, tell jess hi for me

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