J managed the world's best birthday surprise today.
Boston, Massachusetts
She managed to get ahold of a friend from schools family's season tickets to the sox, which put us about 10 rows behind homeplate at the most expensive ballpark in the country.
Boston, Massachusetts
It was easily the most fun baseball game I remember. The fans are amazing, the stadium is amazing, the food is not too bad (and they have Guinness on tap). It reminded me of being a kid in '87 and '91 when the Twins were World Series teams and the fans were really into it (and the Metrodome was full).
Boston, Massachusetts
Red Sox beat the Royals 9-3. Ortiz homered.


Anna 1:47 AM  

I'm so glad you had fun. I kind of looked for you, but I watched the pre-game show and then took a nap and got up for the 7th. Cute pictures! I'm almost positive we're going next week for the Twins but we'll be a lot farther back (like $45 tickets behind third base, although I don't think they are in the bleachers, but what do I know?) Almost positive because we get the tickets on Wed unless the guy screws us over. . . I don't really trust americans, so I almost expect it to happen. How did I get so cynical?

bethany 10:27 PM  

you two are so cute. happy birthday zakcq

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