I wanted to take this, the occasion of my 25th birthday, to remind everyone that the Massachusetts Primaries are next Tuesday, and to throw my bloggy endorsement behind... da da dah dahhh... Deval Patrick! And no, it's not just because he looks vaguely like Barak Obama (though I'm willing to admit that might be a factor). Everything that I've seen leads me to believe that he's the best candidate on urban issues, especially housing and transportation.

As far as the primary goes, you have to be registered 20 days in advance in order to vote, so it's too late if you aren't registered already (although you should register now to vote in the november election). If you are registered as belonging to one of the two major parties (Republican or Democrat) you can only vote in that primary. If you are unaffiliated or wrote in one of the minor parties (Green/Rainbow, Socialist, Libertarian), you can vote in either primary, but not the other. As every pole I've seen has the Democrat leading both the (horrible) Republican and the (passable) Green/Rainbow candidates by more points then there are people who haven't decided yet, it seems that right now whoever wins the democratic primary will be the next Governor. So VOTE!!!


Rad 11:07 AM  

Happy Birthday dude. Sorry I missed it! Italia was good, but transportation with Beck's grandparents was pretty brutal. Won't travel with oldies again unless I have to. They always complained about the walking... bummers.

Dan 7:18 PM  

Since there's no contact information, this is the only way to contact you.

In a Google search for sites linking to other urban planning-related sites, I noticed that a link to Cyburbia (http://www.cyburbia.org) was not included in your linkroll
Cyburbia was founded in 1994,
and is the Internet's oldest continuously operating planning-related Web site; it functions today as a portal and busy social networking site for planners and others interested in the built environment.

Considering you have links to Planetizen and many other
planning-related sites, it would be nice to have equal time.



Anna 11:30 AM  

It's funny, Deval Patrick won and I totally didn't expect him too. I would have voted for him too, but I'm all confused about how to change my registration from one precinct to another, since I moved from Bow St. Anyway, maybe it was just because I heard no ads about him, when I read the paper didn't really see much about him, and he really didn't have many street signs that I could see. But anyway, he represents my views pretty well, and I really like that I didn't hear him using negative ads. Maybe I was just watching the wrong channels (NESN and MTV). I thought the other guys were kind of creepy.

onetenchelsea 3:57 PM  

all boston politicians seem kind of creepy for some reason (patrick is a chicagoan originally). it was nice to win an election for once.

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